Damgaard is an engineering consulting company with a focus on energy and construction. Since the company’s start-up in 1997, considerable competence has been built up within our focus areas.

Within our focus areas, sustainable, climate-friendly solutions are our common thread.

In the Energy area, Damgaard specializes in analyzes, planning and design of large complex energy systems as solutions for cities or districts. It can be socio-economic calculations, but also retail projects for systems with large heat pumps, solar energy, cooling, heating plants, seasonal storage of energy, district heating systems, etc. We advise in the planning phase, carry out the project and follow up afterwards.

Damgaard is a consulting engineering firm specialised in energy and buildings.

In the field of energy, we are specialised in district heating and cooling. We work with all aspects of a district energy system, from strategic master planning, regulatory processing, detailed designs of plants, networks and consumer units to surveys, optimisation and construction. Damgaard’s services include sustainable energy solutions, such as solar heat, biomass plants, 4th generation district energy network design, etc.

Damgaard provides Building engineering services in all phases of a profect, planning to detalled engineering, both new construction and re-builds. We often team up with architects to satisfy our client’s scope of work. Damgaard are specialised in HVAC solutions and in sustainable green buildings.

Successful cooperation with clients is an important area of focus in our projects, and Damgaard’s project managers work hard to create mutual success in your projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and to discuss potential projects.

Within construction, Damgaard covers all subject areas in traditional building and construction tasks, but here too there is a special focus on sustainability with e.g. specializes in optimizing cooling in the heating systems of larger homes. Our interdisciplinary expertise includes building constructions and statics as well as all types of technical installations, energy optimization and indoor climate.

We work continuously to optimize concepts, procedures and professional competencies. Among other things, we participate in the Danish Energy Agency’s research and development projects (EUDP) together with a number of energy companies.



Damgaard offers general engineering consultancy,
primarily in the following fields:

• District energy (heating and cooling)
• Buildings
• Industry

Damgaard Consulting Engineers covers all subject areas for traditional building and construction tasks. Our interdisciplinary expertise includes building constructions and statics, as well as all types of technical installations, energy optimization and indoor climate.

We work continuously to optimize concepts, procedures and professional competencies.


Within district heating and cooling we offer services from A to Z, including:

  • Client design-advisory services
  • Strategic planning
  • Regulatory processing
  • Engineering design of district heating grids
  • Engineering design of production plants
  • Engineering design of heat exchanger stations and pumping stations
  • Engineering design of installations at the customer
  • Preparation of tender documents and contracting
  • Construction management
  • Technical inspection
  • Cooling and return-temperature optimization
  • Optimization of district heating grid
  • Optimization of production plants
  • Assessment of structural condition and technical due diligence
  • General consultancy, such as rate-structures, technical regulations, etc.
  • Construction partnerships
  • 4th-generation district heating design
  • Low-temperature district-heating design
  • Sustainable district-energy design
  • Urban planning for new district heating and cooling
  • Large heat pump design
  • Benchmarking of DH systems
  • Due diligence
  • 3D pipe design
  • Advanced stress calculations for pipe design
  • R&D in the area of low-temperature urban district heating, e.g. in cooperation with the Technical University of Denmark

Damgaard has vast experience of piping systems and is a technically leading engineering firm in the Danish district energy sector. The firm comprises expert employees and a line of advanced applications for carrying out the projects, for highly efficient processes.


We offer a range of building-related services. These include the construction of new buildings, rebuilding, optimization of a building’s physical characteristics, the planning of building maintenance, etc. Furthermore, we deal with assessments of structural condition, installations and systems, and the use and optimization of energy
in buildings.

  • Client design-advisory services
  • Master plans
  • Construction
  • Construction management
  • Project management
  • Energy optimization
  • Building physics
  • Design of new construction
  • 3D design
  • Planning of renovation
  • Planning of rebuilding and extensions
  • Design of HVAC
  • Optimization of heating systems
  • Regulatory processing
  • Preparation of tender documents and contracting
  • Building inspection
  • Condition assessment and technical due diligence
  • Energy labelling

Damgaard has a line of advanced applications for project implementation, for highly efficient processes.


Damgaard offers advice in many different areas of the industry. Damgaard has many years of experience in data processing, engineering design and calculation as well as inspection and robot technology. Damgaard has a very broad knowledge of many different industry tasks and will be a strong collaboration advisor.


Damgaard Consulting Engineers provides solutions for both private and public institutions.
It is important to us that our clients are successful in their projects. This is achieved with competent engineering and empathic cooperation.

Examples of Damgaard projects are listed below.





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We are a modern multi-disciplinary engineering, design and consultancy firm focused on expert project engineering, management, creativity and quality assurance in all our services. We ensure this through our empathic and committed employees, who make sure that projects start off in the best possible way, and continuously survey the completion of them by means of management and focusing on progress.

Damgaard Consulting Engineers is ISO 9001 certified by Bureau Veritas.

Damgaard Consulting Engineers is a private company founded by Mogens Damgaard Nielsen. It is now owned by CEO Henning Staugaard Lambertsen.