A/S Fællesbyg – Lysholmparken – Roskilde

Energy-optimized Building renovation Stage 1

The first stage includes the replacement of the roof, the establishment of a vapor barrier and the insulation of the roof space to the requirements of the building regulations. The entire domestic water system is replaced. This changes the conveyance of the hot domestic water, which today is conveyed via roof spaces, so that in future it will be conveyed via a basement in parallel with the cold domestic water. The circulation in the domestic hot water is ensured via an online system with supply and circulation in the same pipe in the ladder strings.

Falling trunks are reelined by blowing polyester stocking into the cleaned fall trunk. Socks are led out into branches for floor drains, toilets and kitchen sinks. Existing exhaust systems are cleaned and new energy-efficient fans and efficient control are installed.

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