Hillerød Varme A/S – Establishment of a 20-MW woodchip-fired heating plant and 25-km transmission line, including connection to stations.

With the takeovers of the district heating networks in the smaller towns in Hillerød Municipality, Hillerød Varme A/S has needed to establish new transmission lines. In addition, the possibility of establishing a new wood chip plant has been assessed and found profitable in relation to the existing production facilities.

Hillerød Varme A/S is therefore establishing a 20 MW chip-based heating plant in Hillerød as well as a 15 km long transmission line between Hillerød and Skævinge, Gørløse, Store Lyngby and Meløse.

In connection with pipeline work, land ownership agreements, assessments in relation to environmentally protected areas, etc. were carried out. The feasibility studies were detailed, which meant that the execution of the line was done within the agreed budget and time. The line was offered in the EU and carried out in 3 different contracts due to the long trace.

Damgaard Consulting Engineers won the consulting assignment in collaboration with NIRAS. Damgaard is responsible for all advisory services in connection with the transmission line as well as for the overall strategy and function description in connection with the connection of the line to the exchanges.

Damgaard Consulting Engineers’ task involves detailed design, including dimensioning, hydraulic analyzes, review and determination of the final trace for the line, identification of difficult sections / intersections and the like, as well as agreements with the Road Authority, etc.

Damgaard’s services also involve the preparation of tender material, tenders and contracting, as well as construction management and supervision.