Norfors I/S – Pipe refurbishment

Norfors I / S – Renovation of district heating lines in Stampetoften, Stampeengen and Elsdyrvej

The task consists of engineering consultancy in connection with the main design and execution of district heating renovation in Stampetoften, Stampeengen and the residential area around Elsdyrvej and Hjortevej, respectively.

Existing pre-insulated district heating pipes must be replaced with new pre-insulated district heating pipes, as the existing pipes are approximately 40 years old, and a number of fractures are experienced in the areas, as the pipes are worn.

The task in Stampetoften and Stampeengen is particularly challenging in terms of space, as the wires are located in narrow paths between the buildings. The heat supply to the residents must also be maintained during the project.

The tasks are performed in 3 specialist contracts and Damgaard Consulting Engineers is responsible for all consultancy in connection with the project, including design, detailed design, prior meetings with landowner associations, tenders, contracting, construction management and supervision.