The Capital Region of Denmark’s Psychiatry – Birkeboligerne

For the Capital Region of Denmark’s Psychiatry, Damgaard Consultant Engineers has assisted in preparing a decision memorandum, which will form the basis for initiating a roof replacement project at Birkeboligerne, Klinteg√•rden in Frederikssund.

In April 2011, Damgaard recommends that a total roof replacement will be carried out quickly due to water penetration through the roof surface in connection with frosty weather and ice formations on the roof surface. The aim was that there should be no significant change in the building’s external appearance, while at the same time choosing a solution that is possible to carry out without major changes to the underlying and adjacent structures.

It has been decided to replace existing asbestos-cement slate and battens, with rough-hewn boards and 2 layers of roofing felt with triangular strips.