Roskilde Varme A/S – Renovation of district-heating pipes

This job concerns engineering consultancy in the main design and construction of district heating renovation in Hersegade and Stændertorvet. Existing Apurit/concrete channels with district lines must be replaced with new pre-insulated district-heating pipes.

The job in Hersegade demands focus on traffic management in particular and showing consideration for old buildings, as Hersegade is situated in the narrow streets of Roskilde’s old town centre.

The Stændertorvet job was carried out before a major renovation of the square in 2014/2015. Furthermore, the many pedestrians on the square need to be taken into consideration, and close coordination with the many shops in the area is crucial for the project.

Stændertorvet – As part of the renovation of Stændertorvet, there is a wish to replace the district-heating pipeline crossing the square. The main pipeline is about 100 m long and includes 8 service lines (approximately 100 m). The existing pipes are predominantly old Apurit/concrete channels. The task requires additional coordination with Roskilde Municipality concerning time schedules for square refurbishment.

Hersegade / Store Gråbrødrestræde – Hersegade is now supplied with district heating.

The supply lines are predominantly old Apurit/concrete channels that need to be replaced. The section is approximately 400 m long and includes approximately 20 service lines (approximately 300 m) and is situated between Algade and Jernbanegade.

The side street Store Gråbrødrestræde is also scheduled for renovation. The task requires additional traffic management and additional resources, as it is a small, narrow street situated in the old section of Roskilde.