3D Tank inspection API653 and EEMUA159

As-Built Digital Reconstruction and Integrity Analysis of Tanks and Vessels

Damgaard provides high-definition surveying and evaluation services including laser scanning and digital reconstruction for geometric evaluation and integrity analysis of tanks. Detailed reports on the evaluation of as-is condition of tanks include the generation of 3D models and layout drawings of floor, shell, roof, structure, and appurtenances. Analyses of tanks for bottom and foundation settlement, shell roundness and verticality, structural column verticality, and floating roof to shell operation assessment are also included. Tank calibration and the generation of strapping tables is also a supported service. Services for conducting detailed 3D finite element analysis (FEA) of the tank as-is model for various operating conditions and load combinations are supported.
The reconstructed model of the as-is condition of tanks is used in conjunction with corrosion inspection results to report calculations on corrosion rates, safe fill height, seismic evaluation, maximum working pressure, remaining life, and other evaluations as per API 653 and EEMUA 159.

High-Definition Surveys, As-Built Digital Reconstruction, and 3D Modeling of Facilities

Damgaard offers high-definition survey services through laser scanning of complete facilities to digitally reconstruct and assess fitness for operations of facilities. Using Damgaard custom engineering applications, detailed 3D models of tanks and vessels, pipelines, ducts, and supporting structures, along with associated process flow and instrumentation diagrams (PFDs and P&IDs) can be generated. Interoperability and cross referencing are directly supported between the generated as-built 3D models, scan point clouds, and diagrams.
Damgaard offers a complete suite of applications tools, engineering, and inspection services. Our experienced engineering team can support you in the new design, inspection, repair, or upgrades of your refineries, terminals, and tank farms including process and mechanical systems, vessels, storage tanks, and pipelines.
The Damgaard team includes certified inspectors to conduct tank evaluations, generate detailed reports on inspection findings and repair recommendations, and perform post-repair services.