In-service tank inspection robotic

Damgaard is a leading engineering company with many years of knowledge when it comes to in-service tank inspection.  
Based on knowledge, test and project using in-service tank robotics.
Damgaard know the strength and weaknesses of many types of tank inspection and not least cost conduction in-service tank inspection.

Damgaard combines in-service tank inspction with API653 or EMMUA159 inspection along side 3D laser scanning. Based on bottom thickness data from the robot and inspection thickness data taken from the outside with reference to API  or EEMUA. Combined with 3D laser geometrical inspection, Damgaard can provide a very detailed report with life time expecasy data with RBI, FEM and fitness for service. Damgaard provide a report that confineds with federal goverment regulations. 

Damgaard are able to help inspect almost any kind of tank:
Hot water tank up to 90 c°
Diesel tank
Crude tank 0,6-meter sludge

Damgaard have recently designed a hatch to keep all gasses inside the tank while being inspected by an in-service robot.