NDE services - Damgaard have the knowledge, just ask

Damgaard is a service partner with ROSEN in Netherland who have the most advanced tank floor scanner.

Damgaard and ROSEN work together in joined effort to enhance tank inspection using ROSEN world famous TIBIT floor scanner and inspectors with deep tank knowledge.
Damgaard supports any kind of tank inspection from inside to outside. Damgaard have many years of knowledge and project varies depending on service and needs:

  • Acoustic services on almost any kind of tank
  • Smart Ball to help inspect buried pipelines, to locate and leak detecting
  • 3D sludge profiler even up to 90 °C products and atex certified
  • Inside corner weld inspection from the outside using PA
  • Damgaard developed acoustic continuous monitoring tank inspection sensors for Ammonia tank
  • Inspecting HRSG on tube boilers
  • And many other inspection services. 

Damgaard are here for your needs and we are glad to help you in the search of the best solution suited for your needs.

Contact us for free support and knowledge sharing success.