Drone inspection

UT Drone

Damgaard are leading provider of UT inspection drones. As one of the first to commercially perform inspection using UT drone Damgaard have performed inspections in many places around the world.
Using UT drone it is possible to execute steel thickness measurements at hard-to-reach places at height, such as storage tank walls, roofs/ floating roofs and I beams.
It’s a fast, reliable and safe way to inspect areas normally only reachable with scaffolding.

Thermal Drone

Thermals inspection using DJI Matrice with thermal XT2 camera of under/ above ground hot product line and heated storage tanks are some of the basic skills and capabilities provided by Damgaard alongside Ka-Thermografi.

Our software developed program includes online access for customers to gather better understanding of their access.
Due to thermal inspection leakage in soil and above ground tanks are accessible with our service team.
Drone is fitted with GPS sensor and with RTK ground positioning system for accurate storing location information on the position of the drone. This makes the coordinates used to display areas more reliable when producing different layer showing pipelines in the ground.

Damgaard and KA-Thermogafi uses the drone map to locate points of interest. All identified locations will manually be inspected afterwards, and all result will be present in the thorough report point of interest to reduce workload for our customers.

We perform many kind of inspection with thermal drone inspection.

  • Flair inspection
  • Power Lines
  • Solar Panel
  • Colling fans
  • Venting
  • Gas detection
  • House insulation
  • Cooling pipe